How does Auto Layout work?

Remember the layout of the windows before closing,

and restore their layout when the windows are reopened.

Your desktop

Close all window

Reopen without Auto Layout

Reopen with Auto Layout

How does Space Layout work?

A space include mulpitle layouts, you can one key to setup workspace.

Arguments (Beta)

Open Application with file, url and so on . . .

open a foler:

open for path:

open a url:

Built-in layout guide

Setup trigger

Build-in layout

Trigger ∙ ⇡ ⇣ ⇠ ⇢ ↩︎

Move window with keyboard

Trigger ∙ ⌥(option) + ⇡ ⇣ ⇠ ⇢

Zoom window with keyboard

Trigger ∙ ⇧(shift) + ⇡ ⇣

Move window to other Desktop with keyboard

Trigger ∙ ⇧(shift) + ⇠ ⇢


Trigger ∙ 1 - 9 (move to Desktop 1 - Desktop 9)

How does Apps Rule work?

There are 2 types of rule for specific application:

Arranged Rule

Fixed Rule

How does Custom Layout work?

Define your custom layout with shortcuts.

Custom Arranged

Custom Fixed

Alfred Workflow