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Auto Layout

You just need to keep the software running and leave it alone. LayAuto remembers the position of each window before it is closed, and restores the window position when it is reopened.

Working Group

The system's built-in window switching feature works well in most cases, but in cases where multiple windows are open in the same application and multiple desktops on multiple monitors, window switching cannot be done efficiently.

Working Group is designed to solve these problems by using windows as units instead of applications, and adding the concept of window grouping, allowing you to quickly switch between windows in the same workgroup, but also quickly switch between workgroups, making complex window switching operations organized from now on.

Quick Layout

Use the keyboard to quickly switch window positions and move windows to other displays, completely intuitive operation, quickly form muscle memory, improve the efficiency of window operations.

Custom Rules

Set custom layout rules for your application, allowing different windows to be automatically placed where they need to be without human intervention.